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August 4, 2016

At PearCircuit, our mission is to cultivate your vision, whether you’re a startup founder pushing the envelope or a non-profit looking to help an entire community. We do this by employing the best and brightest team-members, and by harnessing the power of cloud technologies, analytics platforms, and more to help you succeed. Chief among our priorities at PearCircuit is ensuring our users and partners understand where their data is stored and how it is secured, enabling them to make informed decisions while working with us to achieve their goals.

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve our products and services, we gather basic, anonymized usage data from our products, services, and promotional material, including our website. These data simply identify trends in the use of our work, and allow us to tweak interfaces and create more effective user experiences. Our partners also use this data to investigate patterns and improve their products’ experience for users. The collection of these data is always performed under a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption – standard for all PearCircuit products and services.

The introduction of PearServer, our cloud hosting platform, has been an important value add for our partners – allowing them to store their product data securely while hosting it reliably all over the world. The platform is built through the Heroku service and hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). You can read Heroku’s security policy here, and Amazon’s cloud security policy here. All connections made between PearCircuit and these services are SSL-encrypted, and no data is ever transferred for any reason on an open network. PearCircuit pledges to handle any data necessary to confirm functionality or perform anonymized analytics, at the permission of our partners, with the ultimate discretion.

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