Mike Young October 18, 2016

Welcoming Our New Investor-Partner, DT Starts, to the PearCircuit Family

Mike Young

We’ve known Michael Cloran and the good folks at DeveloperTown for several months. They do fantastic work in the world of software development and have a strong reputation for creating high-quality products for their partners. We’re very excited to announce a new partnership with DeveloperTown Starts in Indianapolis that will accelerate our growth and product development moving forward. As a component of that deal, we’re also excited to welcome Michael Cloran to the PearCircuit team.

Michael will join PearCircuit as an advisory partner as component of a equity partnership we’ve formed with DeveloperTown Starts (DTSI). Before he became a partner at DeveloperTown, Michael served as founder, chairman, and CEO at Interactions Corporation. He also served as CEO of EnterAct LLC, which he cofounded and bootstrapped to $5M in sales and 50 employees in just three years. We’re excited to have him on board!

We will also gain access to some of DTSI’s marketing, design, development, and planning resources as we get closer to bringing some of our products to market.

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