Mike Young July 19, 2016

Weekend Recap: SEMICon West, Innovation Showcase, & DMDII

Mike Young

Whew! We’re back in the office after seven days, three showcases, and four flights, from San Francisco to Indy and then Chicago. We first took off for sunny San Fran to attend SEMICon West, one of the premier events for the semiconductor supply chain and a hotbed for smart, digital manufacturing. We’ve been scouting partners for PearCircuit’s new Project Grand Central, an innovation in reducing manufacturing downtime for dozens of industries, and we were pleased to find much potential in several markets at SEMICon. Not to mention beautiful views of the city and the bay along the way.


Our sightseer’s view from dinner in Union Square.

From San Francisco International Airport, we headed back to Indy for the Indianapolis Venture Club’s 2016 Innovation Showcase – a networking and pitch competition event displaying the best of new, hypergrowing Indy tech companies. We picked up potential partnerships and met a lot of great people before heading out to DMDII in Chicago.

DMDII, or the Digital Manufacturing And Design Innovation Institute is a government-sponsored manufacturing hub and think-tank housed in UILabs near downtown Chicago. Their mission is to revolutionize American manufacturing through the introduction and scaling of IoT manufacturing solutions and smart factories. They hosted a hackathon July 15-17 to produce innovative solutions for their Digital Manufacturing Commons (DMC), a joint project with General Electric, the goal of which was to build a software product utilizing four years of provided machine data from several CNC machines.


Mike and Brendan posing for the camera (while actually working) at the Hack the DMC event.

With about 24 hours of work (and a lot of coffee), we developed a tablet app called Energetix for plant managers overseeing CNC production. Energetix employs energy usage data from CNC data streams to track efficiency for an entire bay of machines, all the way down to a single machine’s operation. This allows decision makers to increase or decrease tooling speed and get the most out of their machines. Thanks to DMDII for having us!

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