Brendan Michaelsen April 28, 2016

Successful Alpha Test for Flashpost at Purdue's Day of Giving

Brendan Michaelsen

This year’s Purdue Day of Giving, held on April 27, 2016, marked their most successful to date. A total of $18,293,665 was raised from 12,872 gifts in 24 hours by faculty, staff, students, and alumni worldwide. PearCircuit was fortunate enough to be able to lend our services to such an amazing day through an alpha test of our newest product, Flashpost, at one of the Purdue College of Engineering events.

Flashpost is a breakthrough platform in harnessing social media – not just to push digital content, but real-life events themselves. Consider a hashtag. Its primary purpose on numerous social media sites is to act as a #linker to mark topics being discussed frequently across many social connections, and identify what is “trending”. Flashpost works in the same fashion, but instead of pure text, it utilizes images, targeted messages, and profile linking to engage event-goers and their networks.


The Flashpost social interface in use at an event.

The event used for the alpha test was a large chalkboard put up in one of the main engineering buildings on campus, and staffed all day by enthusiastic College of Engineering Ambassadors. Students, faculty, and staff would come by and add what they “Loved About Purdue” to the chalkboard. Flashpost was then utilized to tag all students with their permission to a picture of them writing their message, and the package then tweeted out on the Engineering Ambassadors’ Twitter feed. The test was a huge success. From only 55 account followers, the Flashpost packages generated 26,000 impressions, 150 likes, and 100 retweets from only 175 tweets over eight hours. Thank you to the Purdue College of Engineering for having us – we’re excited to continue fine-tuning Flashpost, and can’t wait until it’s ready for release!


The Purdue College of Engineering Ambassadors’ “What I Love About Purdue” chalkboard for Purdue’s Day of Giving 2016.

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