Mike Young June 30, 2017

PearCircuit in Product Mode + Big Updates on the Horizon!

Mike Young

As some of you may know, the PearCircuit team has undertaken the task of building and launching our own software product in addition to continuing our partnered development services. The process of designing, validating, and planning is a tough but fun one, and big milestones mean a lot to us when we reach them.

While we’re not ready to publicly announce and launch our product, I am happy to report that this week we have our first successful alpha test (an alpha test is an internal test that simulates how our production users will interact with our product). Hats off to Joe, @Brendan, and our friends at DeveloperTown who’ve worked long hours to make this happen. Great work!

We are planning a private beta launch very soon, so keep an eye out for more updates, a big reveal, and invites to join our beta list soon!

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