Brendan Michaelsen May 25, 2016

Introducing PearServer: Hosting Your Product Just Got Much Easier

Brendan Michaelsen

Today, cloud hosting is the norm. Apps across all industries and built on all platforms are harnessing the security, reliability, and speed of cloud technologies. We realized this when we started PearCircuit, and ensured that, from the first app we ever built, we were utilizing cloud hosting to do it. Back then, we relied on a little service called Parse, built as a software-as-a-service modal for hosting and database configuration. In 2015, Parse, then owned by Facebook, began to wind down access to its services. We knew at that point that it was time to launch our own hosting and database managing service for our partners, which we affectionately named PearServer.


PearServer is built through the Heroku service and hosted on the secure, reliable Amazon Web Services platform. Staying true to our roots, we employ pieces of the now open-source Parse framework to keep aspects of our deployment quick and bug-free. PearServer is only available as a service to our partners at this time, and we will work closely with our providers to monitor app activity and plan to respond to any issues within 48 hours. Custom PearServer deployments for individual partner products are scalable, ranging anywhere from prototypes on starter plans to high-traffic apps on dedicated servers. Our services can be scaled to fit your vision.

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