Brendan Michaelsen July 21, 2016

Introducing PearCircuit Advisors Paul Sturm & Arnold Chen

Brendan Michaelsen

It is a pleasure to recognize two of our rock star advisors to the world and provide a little background on their accolades and incredible value add for our team.

Paul Sturm is the current Director of Strategic Development at Purdue University Discovery Park, handling fundraising efforts and corporate relations for some of Purdue’s biggest projects. Before he came to campus, Paul led an education startup from inception all the way to $100M in annual revenue, and brokered its merger soon after. Paul began advising us in the spring of 2014 – everything from business development & strategy to building our brand, and has been an invaluable source of knowledge & laughter ever since.

Arnold Chen is a current Entrepreneur in Residence at the Purdue Foundry, and has been providing his expertise to PearCircuit since the summer of 2016. Before working with Purdue, Arnold spent 17 years in the heart of Silicon Valley with three different semiconductor hardware startups. Arnold brings a wealth of experience in product development & management, as well as a honed perspective on partnership & collaboration.

Paul and Arnold are an integral part of our team, and we couldn’t do without their expertise as we continue to grow our partnerships and product line!

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