Brendan Michaelsen April 6, 2016

Have an Awesome Idea? We're the Perfect Pick

Brendan Michaelsen

Cultivate your vision. That’s our official motto, and other than appearing on our website and official documents, it has guided how we’ve developed apps, designed websites, and partnered with companies and individuals since we started back in 2013. Put simply, we love what we do because of you. We’ve been able to work on products and projects across a dozen industries, from healthcare technology and fitness innovations to helping grade school administrators better provide for their schools. What ties all these products together for us is the incredible passion of our partners to change, improve, or just add something fun to the world.


The Audio Tours for Humanity app, built by PearCircuit for Tours for Humanity, which donates a portion of their profits to charity each year.

Every year, we attend dozens of pitch events, innovation showcases, and investor meetups to find new partners looking for a team to bring their vision to life. If you have a great idea, or know someone who does, click here to reach out, or visit We’d love to hear from you!


A Verge presentation being given by PearCircuit partner Paperclip Fitness on their new market strategy. (2016)

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