Mike Young January 1, 2017

Happy New Year from the PearCircuit Team!

Mike Young

With the year drawn to a close, the PearCircuit team has been doing a lot of reflecting and review. 2016 has been the most interesting and eventful year in our existence, and we want to share this quick recap with you, and talk a little bit about what we’re doing next year!

Probably the biggest change is that both Brendan and I have graduated, which has finally given us the ability to focus on the company full-time. Since school has been out of the way, we have been able to devote the proper amount of time and energy to the business, which has created a lot of new opportunities for us.

We’ve continued our partnerships with some long-term clients and added a few new ones along the way. The company officially moved from West Lafayette, IN to Indianapolis (where we completed an equity-for-services deal with DeveloperTown in August and Raleigh, NC, where we are engaged on-site in long-term projects with Nicotrax, Inc., among others.

The business is continuing to grow in Indiana and in North Carolina, but also in parts of the country like Washington, DC and Pennsylvania, where Brendan and I will be traveling in mid-January to help one of our original customers seal up their next round of funding.

We’ve seen growth primarily in areas associated with civics, healthcare, and education technology, and the strong recommendations we’ve received from our customers remains the primary factor fueling our success. Next year, one of our goals is to complete some rebranding to focus our contracting arm on those areas exclusively.

Another goal is to spend more resources on developing a software product from some ideas we’ve been researching and iterating on for the last few months. This, to me, is the most exciting part of our future, because it involves everything I love doing – R&D, customer interviews, design, development, marketing, deployment… I could go on for a while.

A third goal, and another one Brendan and I are excited about, is to find a fourth person to add to our team. We’re looking for a web developer who can help us service our existing business and build out our product. Ideally, we’d like to hire someone who’s worked with our stack – React, Redux, Webpack, Node.js, and NPM. Rails experience is great too. The official job posting will go up after New Years, but contact us if you know someone who’d be a good fit.

In summary, these last 12 months have been great for PearCircuit, and we’re looking to build on that success next year. We want to say thanks for sticking with us and following along, and we hope to have even better news to share with you next year!

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