Mike Young November 23, 2016

Big News and Happy Holidays from PearCircuit

Mike Young

Today, we’re pleased to officially announce some more great news for PearCircuit.

We’ve just launched a significant partnership agreement with Nicotrax, a long-time PearCircuit partner. Nicotrax is a smoking cessation company that works with insurers and employers to bring a powerful, scalable, and customized cessation program to smokers trying to quit. The company was founded out of North Carolina State University and became one of Jumpstart Foundry‘s lead healthcare startups in May of this year, generating investment and buzz about the product.


Conceptual designs for the Nicotrax smart cigarette case.

In the past, PearCircuit has joined with Nicotrax to develop and support the native platforms currently in use while the team completes clinical trials. As part of our new partnership, we’ll team up to translate this MVP into a full, scalable web and mobile product for launch.

The last three months have seen the PearCircuit team launch our biggest project to date in partnership with Philadelphia’s NNCC, bring on a new investor and partner from DeveloperTown, and expand our relationship with Nicotrax. This momentum will present all kinds of unique opportunities for the PearCircuit team in 2017. We’re happy and thankful to all our clients, partners, advisors, and fans for believing in us and coming along for the ride. Happy Holidays!

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