Brendan Michaelsen June 7, 2016

Answering Our Most Frequently Asked Question: Why PearCircuit?

Brendan Michaelsen

We get asked this question a lot. Interestingly, it usually comes in the form of two separate questions asked one after another – the origin behind our unique name, and the reasons why our work is so valued by our partners. In fact, these questions are very much related to one another and to the core of our business and the work we do.

What’s in a Name?

The origin story of our name, PearCircuit, has been extended and elaborated upon over the years, but the actual story may involve @Mike sitting in a college lecture hall during class running nouns through a random name generator until he found one that he thought represented the quirkiness of our team: PearCircuit. We discussed it, and we liked it. It was different, and weird. Weird enough that it generated interest. At first, our business cards were met with many a raised eyebrow. But the name stuck, and spread quickly. Our brand followed suit (with a fair number of fruit puns) through our desire to design and create, and to inspire our partners to push the envelope further.


Our first office in West Lafayette, shared with our friends and partners at Perceive, Inc.

What Makes PearCircuit Special?

We love this question. There are some who believe that building software is completely commoditized in this day and age. We disagree. Certainly some aspects are very commonplace and used almost universally among developers, but many are not. Specifically, we focus on design and truly building a product to its full potential. Like a master craftsman carefully assembles a mesmerizing mechanical watch, or a craft brewmaster attunes her taste to create the perfect, refreshing product, we design with meticulous attention to detail, and develop with a beautiful, powerful end product in mind. Our company genus provides even more information on our values – and as always if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

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