Our Culture

August 4, 2016

At PearCircuit, our company culture is fast-paced and exciting. Team members share out-of-the-box ideas, push each other, and slice through challenges both as a company-wide team and in separate cohorts. Each cohort is made up of design, development, and liaison roles, which allow team members to work on their own schedule to get things done. Most cohorts are project-specific, but team members are always able to run any issues or challenges by the entire team, or even just ask for advice. There’s always time for a company-wide brainstorm!

We design and develop for our partners and projects over concurrent sprint days with breathers for testing and discussion in between. This schedule allows us to remain focused on creating exceptional work and ensures we exceed our project deadlines. We cheer each other on, analyze errors, and celebrate victories. We also like to keep a healthy balance of work and play. We have company dinners, birthday parties, and team trips to art and cultural events to broaden our horizons and make us better product designers and developers. At PearCircuit, we celebrate what makes us unique in our ideas and personalities, and use that to create a truly innovative team atmosphere.

For more information, drop us a line: hello@pearcircuit.com

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